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the big sisters
you'll wish
you had

Making living through your twenties a little less scary.


Hey, we're jenna and sophie!

We’re two best friends who met in our freshman year of high school. Since then, we have laughed together, cried together, and grown together. Like many others, 2020 completely changed our lives and we were desperate to find an outlet where we could reconnect, exercise our creative muscles, and support others. And so, My Twenty Somethings was born. 

As friends and business partners, we work to inspire future generations and create a community of empowered young women who are equipped with the skills they need to conquer the world. It is our mission to make sure no one ever says “I wish I knew that in my twenties”. 


"Jenna and Sophie are super fun. I'm turning twenty this year and I already feel less nervous about it. Could listen to their podcast all day. Can't wait to hear more."

Ashlee, 20

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