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hey good lookin'...

My Twenty Somethings is a lifestyle podcast all about the lessons we're learning through our twenties. Different from some of our favourite shows, we don't claim to be the experts of anything. Instead, we've made this podcast as a journal of sorts so that listeners can experience the milestones, growing moments, and hardships that come with young adulthood.

We candidly discuss numerous topics, including everything from friendship drama to being a girl boss, and feature the many impressive guests who have been important parts of our journey.

Sophie and Jenna are best friends from Toronto, Canada who met in high school. While they currently attend University in different cities, they've only gotten closer as the years have gone on. They're so excited to embark on this crazy adventure with you and bond as friends/business partners!


about sophie


Taurus. Optimist. Coffee-Addict.

Sophie is a 21-year-old go-getter. You will rarely find her without her laptop but when she does finally step away, you'll probably find her trying out the latest hot workout, hiking, or learning a new skill. 

Studying Marketing, she is obsessed with all things content and analytics. While Sophie is eager to find her place in the world, she will never forget to stop and appreciate the little things.

about jenna

Cancer. Creative. Dog-lover. 

Jenna is a 21-year-old studying Creative Industries (Arts+Commerce) in her undergraduate. You'll probably find her trying new dance workout crazes or taking up a new mindfulness practice. She loves to bake, have midnight dance parties, and describes herself as an "aspiring taoist jew".


Jenna loves all things art and design and works as a freelance graphic designer in her spare time. Her favourite pastime is puzzling with her two adorable puppies and her current favourite television series is Euphoria. 

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