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5 Ways To Calm Your Mind Before Bed

When the sun sets and the stars come out, it’s finally time for a well-deserved rest. Unfortunately, many young adults struggle with turning their brains to ‘out-of-office’ mode. The good news is, there are many easy tricks you can try to decompress before hitting the hay. And no… we don’t mean counting sheep.

1. Turn off your devices at least one hour before sleep

Yes, scrolling through the Tik Tok void or binging Netflix from bed can feel great in the moment but all you are really doing is stimulating your brain (not to mention exposing yourself to additional blue light rays) that keeps you up. So, first and foremost set a “phone-off” time and place it out of reach.

2. Develop a pre-bed time routine

Whether it’s cleaning your room, organizing your desk, laying out your clothing the night before, or a self care routine, develop a pre-bed ritual to wind down and prepare your space for rest.

3. Find a screenless activity

Once you’re in bed find something screenless to do (to replace Netflix). Our faves are reading, journaling, practicing gratitude, sipping a warm tea, and light stretching. Pop on a nice mellow music playlist or your fave MTS episode if silence is too intimidating.

4. Get comfy

Make sure your bed is a relaxing place to rest. Some need loose sheets with room to breathe while others prefer to be wrapped tight like a mummy. Find your sleep style before hitting the hay so you know exactly the right recipe for endless zees.

5. Meditate

When you’re finally ready to settle into a deep sleep, give your brain the break it’s been waiting for all day long. Take 5-10 minutes to be in the now and let go of all tomorrow’s problems. There are some amazing apps and Youtube videos with guided meditation sessions for beginners. Nama-stay rested!

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