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Drinking Water: A Crazy Phenomenon

My journey to proper hydration and the many thank you's my body gave me.

I drink water. Or at least I've recently started to and it's been fantastic! For the life of me I cannot wrap my head around why since birth humans told the importance of consuming a certain amount of water per day and why we all collectively choose to see how long our bodies can go without hydration. Why are we so difficult?

Anyways, something finally clicked in my brain and a six weeks ago I began drinking an acceptable amount of water each day. I started by adding one tall glass in the morning and progressed to 6-8 before hitting the hay each night. The results were astounding. My skin has become clear, my lips are less dry, and I've felt more energized and rejuvenated than I have in years. I'm sure I've only begun to experience all the positive effects of adding water back into my daily routine but I'm ready to become the captain of the water fan club.

Still doubting? Here are some tips for improving your water consumption so you can experience the benefits for yourself.

1. Clock it.

Make a hydration routine. Setting timers on your phone reminds you to pause whatever activity you are partaking in to take care of your body. Waiting for your laundry to finish drying? Sounds like the perfect time to pour another glass. Having 1-2 glasses of water with every snack or meal is a great benchmark to ensure you stay consistent throughout your day.

2. Challenge your friends

Don't go at it alone! Aim to beat your friends' water intake level with a friendly contest. Having a support system helps you stick to your goals.

3. Get funky with flavours

Drinking plain water can feel like a chore. Add a small drop of lemon or lime for a low sugar taste boost.

4. Eat it to beat it

Beat dehydration by eating foods with high water contents. Many fruits and vegetables contain over 70% water.

5. Reward yourself for achieving your goals

Even the smallest milestones are worthy of a work break or mini dance party. When it comes to keeping oneself accountable, nothing works better than positive reinforcement. Celebrate when you surpass your daily hydration goal and forgive yourself if you slack every few days. Changing your lifestyle takes time so patience is key.

Happy hydrating!

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